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"Bravo! You da man!"

Mitchell Gould, Producer

"Michael has a voice that is perfect for any occasion. He can be the friendly  neighbor or the father giving advice. Professional results is exactly what you get from Michael, and that is the bottom line. It has been a pleasure to work with him in the past, and I highly recommend his work."

David Hughes, Shine On Studio,
Oakland, CA

"Michael has an engaging voice

and is very well-spoken.

He responds to direction readily

and has a great attitude."


Jeremy Goody, Audio Producer
Megasonic Sound, Oakland, CA

"Soul of the Matter was my first audio book, and I am a convert.

This is storytelling at its finest. Michael’s ability to convey trauma,

humor, pathos, tension, forgiveness and compassion – not just

through his words but through his voice – has set a very high bar."                                                                    

"Once I started listening, I couldn’t stop... until the very last word. 

I wanted this story to end but dreaded that it eventually would. 

I loved this story…"                                                                                                                                                    

"It has taken me a couple of days to sit with Soul of the Matter

after listening to it. I may have to listen to it again because

there was so much to it. I was swept up by the imagery,

and by the power of the narrator’s voice. It was so vivid...  "                                                                                                                                    

"Damn! Just finished listening to Soul of the Matter here

in my hammock. I loved it so much! I would listen to

Michael's voice every day of the week if he did more!

He is an incredible storyteller and I deeply appreciated

all the exquisite layers."


"Soul of the Matter offered everything I look for when selecting

a great audiobook. The narrator’s beautiful voice kept me captivated.

His ability to express emotion through my ears was a brilliant

storytelling technique. I didn’t want to stop listening. This was

a great listen and I highly recommend it!"


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